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People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill.
They want to buy a quarter-inch hole!

Theodore Levitt

We are experts understanding the market and providing actionable knowledge and better practices to those responsible for our clients decision-making. We are the intelligence market boutique in Mexico.


We have pioneered strategical marketing for the Western region of Mexico; in 2001 we founded our first marketing agency providing market research, opinion surveys, benchmark and other analysis which allowed great brands to come to Mexico and operate and continue to successfully operate still. Today we have evolved jointly with the markets and many brands by strategical planning and walking our clients through their execution from our insights. Since then, we have developed over 1,000 domestic and international branding strategies.

Our vibe drives us towards marketing since our first professional experiences: the CEO and founder worked as a salesman, sales manager, brand manager and marketing director in different agencies before creating this company; during this time, he was client of different advertising and marketing agencies, that is where he found the sensibility to sit at the other side of the table and seek the importance to focus on the results of each strategy. Also, he has been invited to belong to marketing and communication schools of different universities, where in addition to being a post-graduate teacher, he has designed subjects taught today in different schools and universities. Currently, he gives courses and workshops on political marketing, digital marketing, marketing strategies, market trend analysis, consumption preference interpretation, shopping habits, marketing planning, focus group evolution, better practices for moderating group interviews and the correct use of tools such as Gesell cameras, as well as self-owned tools within our new normality, such as crowdsourcing and digital ethnographies or netnographies and interview panels for any city world-wide.



Marketing is in our blood, in our history, in our formation and in our professional performance. We know that it has a critical role upon any organization whenever we consider that it is the door opening to welcome profits. We start from the brand to create profitability; based on market surveys, we build the brand positioning strategy knowing that any positioning without brand preference is useless.

Sometimes, insight is in plain view, sometimes it hides within peoples’ behavior and culture, however in both cases, we are ready to find them and activate them.

We belong to industry associations such as AMAI in Mexico, ESOMAR in Holland and the American Marketing Association in the United States, and we actively participate providing always an innovating approach for the development of new methods, building models strengthening benefits for our clients and participate in the exposition of topics at domestic and international forums regarding the importance of the evidence culture within world-wide organizations.


You can listen to what people say, sure. But you will be far more effective if you listen to what people do.

Seth Godin

We provide special attention to the people who collaborate with our organization, because we know that whenever a client hires a marketing agency, it is in fact hiring the people who work there, their capacities and reputation. They must know even more than just a good product tasting, a good market research, a good design sampling, opinion surveys, or a good competence analysis; our collaborators must know what to do with all this to increase the value of our clients’ brand and that is what we have achieved with our talented expert team.

That is the reason we have closely participated with the main advertising agencies since our creation, we complement their creative work with insights, planning and knowledge to reach out and touch harts and emotions.

Sergio Rodea


Gabriela Ruano


Aida Durán

Psychologist and holds a degree in Marketing Leader of knowledge of human behavior project

Gustavo Casillas

Holds a degree in Marketing Leader of statistical and prediction knowledge project

Shannon Díaz

Holds a degree in Sociology Project Manager of human knowledge projects

Daniel Ramírez

Knowledge of human behavior project

Ramses Rizo

Holds a degree in Marketing Analyst for the statistical and prediction knowledge project

Raúl Jiménez

Holds a degree in Communication Science Leader of branding strategy knowledge and key trends

Maribel Fajardo

Holds a degree in Marketing Customer service coordinator

Mariana Medina

Holds a degree in Design Branding communication coordinator

Andrés Valencia

Innovation and future models

Carlos Dominguez

Lawyer expert in industrial property

Héctor Ruvalcaba

Social innovation and community branding

Eduardo de Alba

Public Commercial Broker specialized in intangible asset appraisals

Antonio Cruz

Biotechnology and design of new products

Juan Ignacio Michel

Multidisciplinary design and landing UX

David Izazaga

Writer, branding and narrative chronist